New Center

A new RDA Centre in Stirling

Following the devastating closure of the Bannockburn RDA group in 2014 RDA UK, the umbrella organisation based in Warwick, supported work to identify a location for a new centre.

Work on this project is now led by the locally based trustees of EQUI-POWER with continued support from the wider RDA community.

The project has engaged with local planning professionals, councils, land-owners, local RDA supporters, other 3rds sector organisations, schools, and existing riding establishments and other RDA Centres.

Following a thorough search of potential sites and consultation with a technical team, comprising a surveyor, engineer and architect, the 83 acre site Kildean, owned by Stirling Council, is currently the preferred option. The site offers excellent access to Stirling and surrounding areas as well as a good grazing with beautiful views of the castle and Wallace Monument.

We aim to develop a welcoming, environmentally sustainable and financially viable centre where the welfare of the horses being of key importance.

As a social enterprise, it is planned that the centre will generate revenue from riding lessons for the general public, horse livery, a community café, hires as a training venue for riding clubs and pony clubs, and equine facilitated learning for a wide range of clients.