Help Us

EQUI-POWER is run by volunteer trustees, and needs help from other volunteers to achieve our vision of a safe and welcoming centre where people of all abilities can grow in confidence, improve health and well-being and develop skills.

You can help us in various ways:

  • Volunteer with horse care routines and classes. For more information please fill out our volunteering form send it to or phone 07522605593

  • Raise funds by working with our fundraising group. We are looking for active members to join our fundraising team - if you can help please send a message from the contact page.

  • Register with Easy Fundraising and every time you place an order online they will make a donation to the group.

  • Walk the Kilt Walk for Equi-Power Central Scotland RDA at any of the 4 walks in Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee & Aberdeen). Any money you raise through sponsorship will have an extra 50% added by The Hunter Foundation. Equi-Power welcomes volunteers and members to join them for The Kilt Walk 2022. Even if the walk cannot take place due to Covid 19 charities can use the page for fundraising.

  • Click here Transforming Lives Through Horses ( to support our day to day horse care costs.

  • Organise your own fundraiser for us. We can supply tee-shirts, collection tins etc. for you to use. If you would like to plan an event, please send a message from the contact page.

  • Join EQUI-POWER as a member and supporting our activities. If you would like join, please send a message from the contact page.

  • Set up a standing order to make a regular donation. If you would like to set up a standing order, please send a message from the contact page.

You can support the development of our new centre RIGHT NOW by donating to our Crowd Funder. Help us to #StartSomethingSpecial in our community.

Equi-Power - horses transforming lives